Enfield Celtic F.C. welcome anyone interested in playing for the club to get in touch. All age groups from U7 to senior are welcome. Girls up to U13 also. Please contact club secretary for more info.

Now follow Enfield Celtic F.C. on Facebook, locate and add as friend and you will be confirmed.

Johnstown Hse Hotel Leisure Club Deal Ends. If you have purchased membership through the club you can renew at the same discounted prices provided you do not let your current membership lapse. Contact club sec for more details. exclusive offer
We are now looking for underage coaches for next season. You can contact us via the contact us section or, read more!

The club are now looking for more volunteers to assist with running the club. Committe members, fundraising personell, coaching staff and any other volunteers. Please make contact ASAP if you can help.

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Welcome to Enfield Celtic Football Club

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Enfield Celtic Football Club is committed to giving all its members the best training and development they can. We follow a pathway that has been followed for many years and by many clubs. On here we have broke it down into age ranges to explain what it is we do. This particular section is for kids playing under 7 football up to under 10 football. The reason these are categorised together is simple.

In these early years the kids learn all the basics of the the game. How to pass, dribble, shoot, control and so on. All the teams at this age play 7 a-side football on astro-turf pitches. The leagues they play in are non competitive and no results or standings are kept by the league. IT’S ALL ABOUT FUN. After all you wouldn’t ask someone of this age to play the off side trap or take a free from 50 yards out. It’s very important that we don’t pressure them into situations. Examples, if you have a player and he takes a shot and misses you don’t roar and shout at him. Talk to him and give him the verbal pat on the back. Well done but maybe look up for a pass the next time or try get a little closer. It’s all about positive encouragement and preparing them to move up to the next stages of there development and that is to get them onto grass pitches playing 11 a-side ball.


This is the next stage of the kids development after coming up from the under 7 to under 10 section. This is the under 11 to under 16 section. This section is were the kids start to learn the finer skills and rules of the game and start to play on full size grass pitches. It is not expected that the kids will pick this up in the first year on the grass as it is a big step up, a bit like primary school to secondary school.

In the first years they will spend a lot of time learning all about formations and spatial awareness, the dreaded off side rule and angles on pitches, creating space for themselves and making intelligent decisions on the pitch such as knowing where to be or a clever little run. Also it is a big year for them in terms of discipline. As you all know as they get a little older they seem to become more fond of chatting back and the odd smart answer. As they are learning all these things we also have to do a lot of work on there physical condition. Advising them on dietary requirements and exercise in order to help them grow to be able to be up to the physical challenge in the later years of this section. As you can see it becomes more intensive as you are trying to educate them on rules in the game and help them grow and keep them in a good physical condition. It’s not as easy as just kicking a ball around a field. On completing this section we hope the players will know all the rules of the game and be of the physical need to move up the ladder. See you in the youth squad.


This is the youth squad section. This was created as a bridge between under 16 football and senior football. Before we had this section some kids were intimidated at the prospect of going straight to senior level. This gives the players another year or two to work on all they have learned over the past few years.

A chance for the coach to try put years of work together and see how it works. Not all kids develop at the same rate. There is know strict ruling that a kid will be this size at a certain age or will have taking all he has learned in. This is the area were everything will be tweaked before the player moves on to the last last section, playing senior football.


Welcome to the senior section.

The kids are no more. At this stage we should have men. When they started at under 7 and as they progressed this is what the ultimate goal was for player and coaches alike. To take kids all the way trough our ranks and at the end produce a man who wants to play football and who has been giving all the knowledge and training needed to do so.

Awaiting the players here are well trained coaches who can get the best from these players. This is the pathway we set out on and achieving this is a great goal and all should be proud of getting to this stage and earning the right to represent our club at this level.


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